We provide our quality home checking service while you're away.

Free consultation!

*Visit pricing guidelines*

Home Check:

$30 starting price depending on location

~ Windows and doors checked
~ Visual inspection of interior
~ Visual inspection of exterior
~ Heat/AC temperature check
~ Electrical check
~ Check for leaks
~ Run water taps, flush toilets
~ Pick up flyers, newspapers
~ Bring in mail
~ Adjust curtains and lights
~ Water inside plants (if required)
~ Liaise with security company
     (if required where alarm system installed)

Pet Care:

$30 starting price depending on location
per In-home visit

~ their Own comfy home environment
~ Feeding (fresh food & water)
~ Cleanup
~ Dog walking (if required)

* inquire regarding overnight pet sitting *

Additional services as required

Pet and Home checking combo considered
in pricing.

 ~ A checklist is completed per visit ~

   Periodic eMail updates on request!

We will consult with you to determine how to best meet your needs while you are away.

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Do you know that insurance requires that your home is checked when you are away?
(policies vary as to frequency)
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