"Peace of mind ...
 while you are away from home"
Serving Simcoe County & area, Ontario

We check your home while you are away!


~ Peace of mind

~ Accommodates
   Insurance requirements 
How often does your insurance company require that you have your home checked while you're away?
Daily?  Every 48 hours?  72 hours?

~ No need to try to arrange      with family or friends

We offer home check and pet care services
as well as additional items to best meet your needs while away.

      Contact us for a FREE consultation!

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House Sitting - Pet Sitting - Dog Walking

Property Watch

 Home Checking - Pet Checking
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What do I do if my home is unoccupied?

"Depending on how long you are away from your home,
you need to make arrangements to ensure your
dwelling is checked regularly . . . "

"Home Check" will provide a solution for you.
Home Check   ~   House & Pet Sitting
Peace of Mind - Satisfies Insurance 
Serving Simcoe County & area, Ontario, Canada
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